Every NFL jerseys has its story!

We all know that each nfl team’s jersey carry the team’s history and glory,which is a part of the team’s culture.And then,how did the shirt go through the process?On the history of nfl jerseys, what interesting stories do you have ?

Men's AFC Tom Brady Nike Red 2017 Pro Bowl Game Jersey
Men’s AFC Tom Brady Nike Red 2017 Pro Bowl Game Jersey

As a matter of fact,modern football was invented just now,there wasn’t jerseys.And when they compete,they can wear as they like.Sometimes,you don’t know how to tell them due to their dressing.They also only spontaneously wear different colors of scarves, hats or belts to distinguish.After that,it is said that it is very difficult to tell the players.So,the team’s boss ruled that every team must have their own regular jerseys.Then,the Nike NFL jerseys were born.

But do you know who was the first sponsor of the shirt?
Yes,it belongs to the Nike brand.Ever since the FA asked the team to have a jerseys,the Nike seized this chance rapidly and became the first authentic nfl jerseys sponsor.The brand is still here, and they have sponsored more than one team.

Who was the first to use the nfl jersey number?
It was said that at the beginning,there isn’t a regular number for players.It’s based on the starting position of the starting player.For example,the No. 1 is goalkeeper, No. 2 and No. 3 are fullback, No. 4 is waist and so on.However,with the development of soccer,every player has their own favorite number.

Which team has the most advertising shirts in the world?
Of course,it best be the NFL jerseys.In 2009,there are more than 20 advertisements on super bowl patriots jerseys.This record had made them become the most advertised team in the world.Only more than 10 ads that can be seen on the front of the football jerseys cheap.

Men's New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski NFL Pro Line Black Gold Collection Jersey
Men’s New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski NFL Pro Line Black Gold Collection Jersey

Do you know how to distinguish the authentic stitched nfl jerseys?
Taking two examples for you!
Firstly:Tag.Don’t look at a tag we usually throw it away,it played an important position in telling jerseys.Tag contains the most important information is the jersey number and name of commodity.Though a jersey number and the name is not the same in the same year,if you compare with other brands, you will find the difference between them.

Secondly:Now,Nike jerseys manufacturers are advocating quick drying and lightweight wholesale nfl jerseys that give players a more comfortable feel.Then,there are so many advanced technology occurred.You must master that the cheap authentic nfl Jersey is very light and supple texture, you shouldn’t worry it will not be very smooth, and the high imitation shirt is heavy and rough.

OK,above,it is just the NFL jerseys’ fundamental stories!After this,Come on to buy one http://www.nflcheapjerseyssale.com